Mindfulness in Gokarna

Gokarna, the small old town of Karnataka, a place to go when you need to calm down and look inside for truths. With a few beaches, a trek into the old town for supplies and not much of anything else, it’s like Vipassana with talking.



If learning to relax is something of a skill, staying in Gokarna is the workshop to attaining it. The first few days were tough, the busy hustle and bustle of Goa contrasting against the stillness and peace of Gokarna could make many bored but if you stay, if you stay to explore what happens to you in the stillness, you might find something special.


Once I had recovered from the complimentary food poisoning India is prone to gifting upon most visitors, deciding on which format of nothingness that I wanted to get lost in seemed difficult. I knew I needed to lie in the ocean, walk the cliffs and eat my weight in fruit with intermediate stops to rest in my hammock, yet I felt the urge to create to-do lists for these things. Like the sheer simplicity of it wasn’t enough, I needed to find order and stress amongst beauty and clarity.


Why I do this, I don’t know but how I overcame it was simple. I turned off my phone so time became irrelevant, I had no communication other than face-to-face interaction, I followed the sun for my schedule which meant yoga then breakfast, swimming then lunch, a siesta from the heat and then another swim to cool down, showering – a time to clean and cleanse myself from the day, before our chillum circle, a walk to the beach for sunset, dinner with friends and usually bed before 11pm.


Life becomes so glorious when you allow yourself to enjoy it, when you take yourself to a place that seems naturally designed to inspire. To sit down, breathe, nourish yourself and re-balance in life.


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